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 Lost Angel

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PostSubject: Lost Angel   Sat Aug 19, 2006 2:08 pm

Lost Angel

A lost angel looking for something that others couldn’t see,
Finally giving up on the search, no longer wanting to be.
She always shot towards the stars,
But kept her heart locked behind bars.

Living making sure everyone’s goals were met,
Forgetting about what she wanted, living with regret.
Inside she was terribly broken and lost,
Putting up the front not caring about the cost.

Not being able to take anymore of the pain,
She shot the ‘calming’ fluid three times up her vain.
Hours past and she becomes weak and ready to go,
Holding the hands of her loved ones who will never know.

One person was missing yet she’d wait a little more,
Hoping with all her heart as her sister walked through the door.
Her sister ran toward her tears cascading fast,
The time for this lost angel to go has come at last.

Never saying a single word their eyes said their goodbyes,
As the lost angel left the world and flew to the skies.
Holding her sister’s hand which has now turned cold,
She closes her eyes and wishes that God make her bold.

Comprehending that her sister will never be again is the saddest part,
But knowing deep down that she’ll live forever in her heart.
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Lost Angel
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