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 My First Ever Soppy poem

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Kips (Big Shot/ admin)
Kips (Big Shot/ admin)

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PostSubject: My First Ever Soppy poem   Sat Aug 19, 2006 1:15 pm

Your picture in my mind

I'm trying my hardest;
I'm doing my best.
For just one night
I'm going to fal asleep
without your picture in my mind.

You seem so distant,
in more ways than one
and though you say you care,
I can't help but suspect
that it's all lies.

And when I'm all alone
I wonder if you think
about me as much as I
think of you;
well, do you?

Still I toss and turn,
trying to block you out
but I'm failing and
our painful cliche
still haunts me.

So many mixed messages
that my head is buzzing with you
and though I fight you off
I still fall asleep
with your picturee in my mind.

Woo, I'm in charge! WOOOO!
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My First Ever Soppy poem
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