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 Daddy's Little Girl *awww*

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PostSubject: Daddy's Little Girl *awww*   Thu Aug 17, 2006 7:47 pm

Daddy’s little girl

It’s hard watching her change,
after all that they have been through.
Just seems like yesterday she was in his arms.

She grew out of the bed time rituals,
preferring to spend time with friends.
What happened to the girl he knew?

Little bows and frilly dresses are now in the past,
he misses that little smile when he came home,
His little girl has changed.

She was daddy’s little girl,
he feels abandoned and broken inside.
How could things change this much?

She comes in crying and runs into his arms,
tears streaming and mascara running ,
he holds her to his heart.

It kills him to see his girl like this,
he wants to take her pain away,
whatever boy did this he now wants to hurt.

He carries her to her bed just like she was two.
As he tucks her in she whispers softly he could barely hear,
“daddy I love you and I’ll always be your little girl.”
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Mod in a tam 'o shanter

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PostSubject: Re: Daddy's Little Girl *awww*   Fri Aug 18, 2006 4:10 am

aww sweet!

my daddy always says this to me, that hes scared ill grow up and he wont be needed any more so i always have to reassure him that he'll always be my daddy and ill always need him lol

its such a classic thing for a dad to think but i dont think ive ever seen a poem about it, so its a lovely unique topic :]

great poem

Good Friendships Are Like Wetting Your Pants:

Everyone Can See It But Only You Can Feel Its True Warmth. Thankyou For Being The Piss In My Pants.
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Daddy's Little Girl *awww*
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