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 My eyes into your soul

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PostSubject: My eyes into your soul   Mon Nov 20, 2006 6:40 pm

My Eyes Into Your Soul

My heart skips a beat,
the look in your eyes is so amazing.
Your blue eyes slowly turn to a smokey blue,
its amazing what one kiss can do.

Your touch makes me feel safe,
laying in your arms is so relaxing.
Just knowing that you and I are feeling the same,
no one has ever made me feel more complete.

I can be myself around you,
yet there is always that wonder,
what is making you smile every time you look at me?
Then you quickly put your arms around me so I can't run away.

You are my best friend,
with a lovers soul deep connection.
I just cant help but smile and feel happy.
We donít have to go anywhere and it will still be special.

Somehow I know you're different.
Maybe it's in your touch or in your kiss,
or it's in your voice when you say 'I love you'.
Cause no matter what the feeling I feel is seen deep in your eyes.
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My eyes into your soul
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