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 My Companion

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PostSubject: My Companion   Mon Sep 11, 2006 5:45 am

My Companion
Toby lay dead. In the middle of the road his small fragile body insignificant to the vastness of the car.
Tyres slid across the slippery surface, a yelp of pain then nothing.
How could something so small and insignificant mean so much to a boy? The car finally stops leaving black skid marks from the corpse that was Toby.
* * * *
In the fields of grass unbound by limitations, imagination providing the necessary creativity. He strode with large and hearty strides, his faithful dog alongside him. He was off to adventure, to explore and to complete fantastical quests.

A strand of trees lay to their left, looming dark and ominous. Cautiously they crept along prepared for any ambush. Their caution paid off for three dark figures could be seen now outlined by the darker trees their clothes garish and vibrant against the dark brown of the bark. Knowing they were spotted they charged swords brandished menacingly. Coolly he drew both swords one long the other short. Dumping his pack on the ground freeing himself for the combat ahead. Screaming savagely and charging recklessly with a glance he knew they were common brigands with no discipline and therefore no heart. When they neared he leapt forward hoping to gather some momentum for his slash with the long sword leaving the short sword for defence. Grinning now for his slash had caught the brigand along the chest and scored deep ensuring that if this brigand was not killed he was at least removed from the combat. Spinning on his left foot he turned ready for the attack from the centre brigand already sensing that his loyal hound had launched a ferocious offensive at the brigand to the left. Metal struck metal as he brought both swords into play using his incredible footwork to gain the advantage in the fight. His movements graceful and precise like a dancer’s, in comparison his opponent seemed a clumsy fool, bellowing and yelling dreadful oaths. With a gurgle those oaths were stopped forever with his short sword now buried in his throat. Worried now for he heard a sharp whine from his companion he spun and threw his short sword in a vicious arc capturing the surprised brigand on his unguarded left side and severing his bicep muscle forcing the sword from his hand. He now was at his mercy and with a war cry Toby launched his body in a wild jump that successfully connected with his throat and with a mighty tear ripped through his throat slaying him on the spot.

Cleaning his swords on the bodies he checked his hound noting a slight nick on the front left leg. Knowing that it would seal itself he left it alone and carried on with his journey.
* * * *
It was inconceivable that it was his dog, lying there in the middle of the road never to walk, bark nor lick again. Why he remembered when it was raining thunderclouds blotting out the sun, walking home and finding his dog waiting patiently for him at the front door. Not even his arguing parents could dampen his spirits as he and his best friend lay down to watch TV together letting the comedy generate a warming sensation deepening the bond they shared as the rain did battle with the ground as the lightning and thunder tried to split the sky asunder.
* * * *
The few moments before Toby’s demise were replaying in a continuous loop. Throwing the Frisbee then the wind catching it and spinning it out of its course and landing on the road. Toby tongue lolling chasing after it not even pausing to stop and stare at the oncoming vehicle. The hundreds of times he and Toby had played with the Frisbee and other backyard games now coming to haunt him. Yesterday with the sun shining brightly and the trees creating a dappling and rippling effect along the ground, as the leaves shook with the wind whistling through the topmost branches. They stalked their prey waiting for the moment to pounce and capture their prize. Running through the grass and splitting up hoping to confuse their pursuers, marking their territory on trees together and other such events racing through his mind provoking pain of the purest form from his young body.
* * * *
Now where was his faithful dog? Crumpled and tiny, contrasting brilliantly with the black of the road, his white furry coat now slightly tinged red. Time slowed and yet sped up at the same time. His vision blurred yet became clearer. Background sounds disappeared, but he could hear with complete clarity. Always though always that picture that pathetic bundle would remain forever in his mind. All their adventures, all their quests now lay buried in his mind. With comforting blackness beginning to dim his senses he hears, “Hey Kid are you all right?”
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My Companion
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