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 Angel's story

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PostSubject: Angel's story   Wed Aug 30, 2006 4:35 pm

I'm not sure If I can get this to work or not...bear with me people!


I'm late. I'm terribly late. Again. Colette Mantle ran along the narrow hallways of her highschool. She was late yet again for her swimming practise. Ms. Brookner had told her far to many times that if she was ever late again, she would be taken off the team. Colette had a passion for swimming, she had always loved it, there was absolutly no way in the world that she would allow herself to be taken off of the one thing in her life that she actually enjoyed.

She saw the teachers room and stopped in her tracks. The teachers busted anyone they thought was being troublesome. Even if they were just walking along the halls. Every kid swore that the teachers could sniff a rat miles and miles away. But I was being bad. She told herself with a smirk across her face. Colette tip toed silently as she passed the lounge. She darted through the halls until she saw the room where teh pool was in. He legs felt as if they were jelly from running so far. She should have never left with her sister again.

Ms. Brookner and the rest of the girls were alredy in their suits. Silently she drifted over to the washroom and was out in a jiffy with her goggles and cap. She put her shoulder length blonde hair in a high pony tale with one swoop of her hands. It was a skill she had managed to master during her long years of swimming. Her gogles coverd her blueish grey eyes and she got ready to dive in when she felt a frim hand on her back. Shit.

"Late again Mantle" The words crushed into her head. Oh how she wished she could just make thme go through the other ear and go off into the distance. that scratchy voice she couldn't stand it! Colette put on her best smile of innocence, and turned to face Ms. Brookner.
"Whatever do you mean?"
"You know very well what I mean." She said in her rhaspy voice,"I'm sorry Colette, your a very fine swimmer, you know that. But your constently late and I can't have that in my class."
Colette grimanced, she was trying to make it sound like she was sorry to make colette go, but Colette knew better. this teacher hated her, and had for quite a while. Although she was right about her being a good swimmer. Colette alone had won the school many trophies over the years.

"But Ms. Brookner!",she wailed,"If I don't have swimming what else should I look forward to at the end of the day? Swim is my life! If I don't have this I don't have anything."
Dramaticly she threw her hand to her head as if she were about to faint and she fell backward into the pool and looked up at her teacher. Ms. Brookner looked like she was fighting a battel with herself on weather or not to keep Colette on the team. Brookner had been a debate teacher before she moved onto swimming instructor and always examined every fact before making a desision. "So what'll it be?"
Ms. Brookner studied something off into the distance for another few momments before hse said harshly, "Don't ever let it happen again. do you hear me now? If you do this one more time you will be off the team." She gave Colette a warning look and waddled away to go help a girl with her stride jump.
The rest of the practise Colette swam. She didn't even take her brake time. But when she got out she couldn't have felt more refresed. She was the first done changeing and said a hurried thanks to Ms. Brookner before leaving the school.


YAY!!!!!!! So there's chapter 1 I still need to make up and Title for it though
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Angel's story
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